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NISSAN NISMO to sponsor the 24Hr of Le Mans Spotter Guide

Production of the 24Hr of Le Mans Spotter Guide is well under way andĀ  am pleased to announce that, in conjunction with, Nissan will be sponsoring the Le Mans Guide once again which is apt given their domination in the P2 category this year!

Also been working on some illustrations for Nissan for their GTR-LMP1 announcement.

Feel free to thank Nissan NISMO on Twitter for the Spotter Guide supportĀ  if you want to help out. Timescales are tight this year, so provisionally the 1st edition of the guide will be released around the 6th-7th June, ahead of Scrutineering on my dedicated site, for those travelling early. The guide will then be updated after Scruitneering. As before the guide will be available as an A3 and A4 versions which will suit printing, desktop and mobile viewing…all free of charge and without the need of an app.


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Thanks for the support


Indy 500 Spotter Guide

INDYCAR’s Ryan Long has been producing race by race Spotter Guides for the series for many years. This weekend will see the crown jewel, the Indy 500 take place. With speeds above 230mph and many one-off rides and liveries, a Spotter Guide is a must.

You can download Ryan’s official INDY 500 Spotter Guide HERE