NISMO Spotter Guide – 2015 24 Heures du Mans (updated)


Version 2.2* of the NISMO 2015 24 Heures du Mans Spotter Guide is now available as a free download.

The guide features all 56 cars,driver, team and engine details along with FIA driver grading, Twitter handles, tyres and even the pit garage where each car is located. In addition the popular third sheet will include a timetable, map and helpful links and is the perfect tool for watching at the circuit or from home.


Version 2 of the guide (full change list below) features new liveries for #95 Aston Martin and revised designs for the #66 JMW Ferrari and #68 Team AAI Porsche.


As in previous years, we will be releasing two formats, a Landscape (A3) 3 page version and with Version2,  an additional Portrait (A4) version, as shown above. A3 is perfect for larger printing or viewing on desktops and tablets. The A4 is useful for home printing and cellphones.

To assist those going leaving early for Scrutineering this weekend, Version 1 of the guide was released earlier than usual. Version 2 was released post scrutineering, Full change list below.

The guides will then be updated throughout the race week with any significant changes.

We WILL be the most up to date visual guide available anywhere. No apps or fees required. No out of date car images…



  • SHEET 1 (P1, P2)
  • SHEET 2 (P2, GTs) *
  • SHEET 3 (Info Page)* = For those Corvette fans who prefer not to have the marker of doom, you can download the previous version of Sheet 2 in JPEG format HERE

(Note, we are now keeping same filename throughout Le Mans as many people are linking directly to the files)

Huge thanks to Nissan for partnering with the guide. Without their help and sponsorship, I simply wouldn’t be able to make these, so if you would like to thank me in some way, please make sure you follow their Twitter Account @NISMO


In addition, French regional newspaper La Nouvelle République, will be printing a cut down version of the (v1) guide in Tuesday’s issue as part of their Le Mans preview.

Thank you for the media partners who help to spread the word including DailySportsCar,, Jalopnik Sportscar365 and hosts, Ten-Tenths who all support and promote the guides.

Also, special thanks to the proof readers who volunteered their services. Shea Adam, Marcel ten Caat, ‘Racer Keke’, Jake Yorath, Adam Prescott and Mike Juergens. Additional thanks to DSC’s David Lord and Marshall Pruett for images ‘on the ground’ which ensures we are up to date.

Additional thanks to everyone who has downloaded any of my guides this year, as a fan, team personnel, commentator, race event staff or marshal. Thank you all very much!


It is with great sadness I heard of Photographer David Stephens passing yesterday (Monday). David often supplied reference images to me for the Spotter Guide in past years and he was one of the most liked, most approachable guys in the paddock. Always had time for you, always a smile, always a gentlemen. Condolences to his sister, Deborah, family and his extended family in GT and Endurance Media. RIP Captain.

*=Version Log

V2.2 – June 12th am
Update to #55 branding (again!)
Marker of Doom added to car #63 unfortunately
Qualifying Lap Record updated!

V2.1 – June 9th pm
Update to #38 JOTA honkin’ fin
Central strips added to Audi windscreen strips

V2.0 –  June 9th (after Sunday Scrutineering)
Sectors added to track map, by request,
New #97 Aston Martin Racing Art Car livery (thanks to AMR for their help with this one!)
Updates to #55 AF Corse livery
Update to #68 with new livery
Updates to AMR cars confirming windshield stripes and Twitter names on front fender/wing
+ number of small livery and body updates

V1.2 – June 8th (after Sunday Scrutineering)
Updates to #12, #13 Rebellion liveries
Update to #55 AF Corse livery (front bumper colour NOT confirmed
Update to #66 JMW Motorsport livery

V1.1 – June 6th
Gaëtan Paletou at Greaves
Small updates to a couple of liveries
Correction of drive system for Porsche, Toyota


Finally, a reminder of the 2015 Racing Wall Planner with all the major race dates…. and many minor ones is also available. Hop over to the Wall Planner Page to download yours, or order a large print.







Please fill free to share the guide on Social Media, but please link to this page and not the guide (as file names change with updates) so your friends and fans can download the latest version of the guide!

Please do not modify, crop or reproduce the Guide, passing the art off as your own You are not allowed to use the car art in isolation under any circumstances. Copyright 2015 Andy Blackmore Design

This NISMO sponsored Spotter Guide is not affiliated with the 24Hours of Le Mans, FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans, ACO or any other organisation, event or entity associated with the series. The guide is an unofficial resource.