Latest Guide: 6 Hours of Sao Paulo
Latest Update: V1

Following the success of the 2014 NISMO 24Hr Le Mans Spotter Guide earlier this year, we are pleased to announce NISSAN NISMO will be sponsoring the remaining Spotter Guides of the 2014 FIA WEC Endurance Championship.

The Spotter Guide features all the car, team and driver details including the FIA Driver grading system for the 26 entries at the final round of the series in Brazil.

You can download the Nissan Nismo Spotter Guides here as a  PDF or JPEG

Special thanks to NISSAN NISMO for sponsoring the WEC Spotter Guide. Without them, there would be no guide. Thank you to the media partners, DailySportscar, Radio Le Mans, L’endurance, Fourtitude, Jalopnik, Ten-Tenths and who all support and promote the guides.

Additional thanks to everyone who has downloaded any of my guides this year, as a fan, team personnel, commentator, race event staff or marshal. Thank you very much!

Previous Rounds:
Le Mans : A3 PDF ,A4 PDF , JPEG Page 1 , JPEG Page 2 , JPEG Page 3
Fuji: PDF or JPEG
Shanghai: PDF or JPEG
Bahrain: PDF or JPEG
Sao Paulo: PDF or JPEG


Please fill free to share the guide on Social Media, but please link to this page and not the guide (as file names change with updates) so your friends and fans can download the latest version of the guide!

The WEC guide is produced for ISO A3 which is the international standard – You can scale to whatever size you desire in your print menu on most applications so this will print smaller or larger including 11×17