2016 TORA CJ Wilson Racing Cayman Cup


Welcome to a new addition to the SpotterGuides.com family. The TORA CJ Wilson Racing Cayman Cup Spotter Guide is a new guide to showcase entries in the Forza Motorsport 6 based Virtual Racing series run by CJWilson Racing and  TORA, The Online Racing Association who are recognized by the MSA UK, the governing body of British motorsport and it has a significant membership in North America.

Championship entries were invited to supply their CJ Wilson Porsche Cayman’s to this Spotter Guide and in turn have a chance of winning a set of Continental Road Tires for their every-day vehicle.  The Announcement press release follows at the end of this article.

You can download the TORA CJ Wilson Racing Spotter Cayman Cup Spotter Guide as a JPEG or a PDF.  You can learn more about the championship at the TORA website.

Thanks to TORA and CJ Wilson and the many virtual racers for their help with the creation of the guide. The series is presented by LogitechG



Original Press release:


CJ Wilson Racing has today announced the launch of the 2016 CJ Wilson Racing Cayman Cup for Forza Motorsport 6. This ten race virtual series for the 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS will be run in partnership with The Online Racing Association (TORA). The UK based Online Racing Association is recognized by the MSA UK, the governing body of British motorsport and it has a significant membership in North America.


CJ Wilson Racing and its drivers have worked closely with TORA to create a base model car that matches the team’s Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport as closely as possible. The driver of the #33 ONE Capital/Motor Oil Matters car, Danny Burkett, has done many virtual laps in order to match both the performance and handling characteristics of the Forza Motorsport car to the real thing.

“Without a doubt seeing my #33 ONE Capital Cayman in a video game was one of the coolest moments of my life”, explained the 20 year old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Burkett went to on describe the development process. “It was awesome but a little bittersweet as the 2015 Cayman GTS in-game didn’t really feel like the GT4 race car did in reality. So when we started planning the Cayman Cup race series, Matt Hunter, from TORA, sent me the base setup for the car they were planning to use and it was surprisingly good but it still need to be fine tuned. Once we got those adjustments figured out, like getting the brakes a little better and improving the overall grip levels it felt almost identical to what it was like to race the Cayman GT4 Clubsport on the track at Sebring.”

TORA’s development work with the young Canadian sportscar ace truly paid off as Burkett was able to get the Cayman Cup car down to a time of 2:17.1 seconds around Sebring which is only half a second off his actual race pace from the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race last month. “I think people are really going to get a kick out of driving the car, it truly is an accurate representation of what it is like to drive the CJ Wilson Racing Cayman and people are going to have a lot of fun fine tuning and customizing the car to make it their own,” enthused Burkett.

Team Owner, CJ Wilson shares his driver’s enthusiasm for the new series. “Its really exciting to be able to develop any kind of partnership where your actual car liveries feature in a video game. It is also great to be associated with a group like TORA that competes at a simulation quality level. The fact that people want to race Caymans built to the spec of our GT4 Clubsport is really awesome. If I was younger and didn’t play baseball at night I would definitely be doing this myself, I think it’s fantastic!”

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Wilson also sees some of the more practical benefits of online racing. “Because Danny has been helping to develop the car for the series and he believes that it feels very much like our real race car, the Cayman Cup is going to give the competitors all of the experience with none of the costs of running a real race team and I’m kind of jealous of that!”

For the two-time MLB All-Star left hander, the partnership between Porsche and Forza Motorsport is one made in heaven. “Up until a few weeks ago you couldn’t even drive Porsches in the game. Although my virtual Mclaren collection is to die for, I didn’t have any Porsches to acquire and I was pretty upset about that. The fact that this came along all at the same time shows you how committed Porsche is to the virtual driving community and how connected that fan base is to the real car market.”

The quality of competition among the TORA members has not been lost on Wilson either. “Not everybody has the access to develop their abilities in karts and that other stuff. They can, however,  develop a lot of the same skills over a long period in Forza such as race craft, consistency, and damage control at the pointy end of the virtual field. Who is to say that in the future that there won’t be a CJ Wilson driver that we have scouted through our partnership with TORA? It would be great to develop somebody like that from the ground up.”

Starting on April 26th, the Championship will run throughout the Spring and Summer culminating with the finale at Road Atlanta on August 31st. CJ Wilson drivers, Danny Burkett and Marc Miller will be making regular guest appearances in the events throughout the season. The prizes for each race and the overall Championship winner will be confirmed shortly. For more information please go to the TORA Forum pages here.