and Le Mans

I originally announced this after last year’s Le Mans, but I have received a large number of emails and messages in recent days, so time to re-confirm.

After fourteen editions, there will not be a Le Mans guide for 2021. As with most things in life, more than one reason for this.

While a good number of teams actively support the guide, a number of others are not supportive(as is their right), which increases the research, (in)accuracy and creation of the guides massively.

Emails and messages flow back from donwloaders,  asking why the free guide is not accurate etc, or bringing to light errors on other guides available! Neither is in my control, but an inaccurate guide is as useful as a chocolate teapot!

The arrival of the Official guide (to clarify, I have no issue, it is entirely their right)  and the increasing challenges of obtaining a sponsor in recent years despite 100,000-120,000 unique downloads has made production of the guides a challenging and unenjoyable project in recent years which takes me away from my my line of work

The #LM24 guides have been an amazing success with upwards of 120,000 downloads at its peak. A huge thank you to YOU once again for your support, downloads and additional exposure. I also wanted to say a huge thank you to the other sponsors who have been partners over that time including AERO Paint,  Dunlop and Nissan.

Also, a big shout out to all the media sites who have promoted the guide over the years. A long list, but Dailysportscar, Radio Le Mans, Marshall Pruett and Sportscar365 have always assisted and more recently r/WEC have been banging the drum massively.

IMSA guides WILL continue thanks to the supprt of the series and all, yes all, the teams. They have been awesome. I am looking to expand into other series in 2022 as we hopefully get back to some normality, but the guides are very time consuming to produce.

In the meantime, Mateusz Grosiak has produced an alternative guide for 2021, using some of my car line art to get him up and running. You can download his LM guide here….

Many thanks for your support, past, present and future



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