2019 Official IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada Spotter Guide


Latest Guide: CANADA – VERSION 1 ,  COMBINED US/CANADA for Montreal GP – VERSION 1
Latest Update: 28 May 2019

Welcome to the Official Spotter Guide for the 2019 IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohama. A championship sanctioned by IMSA. The Guide was also commissioned by IMSA,

Note: This is a season long Spotter Guide, so actual entry list on a race by race basis may vary. Hard copies of this guide are also available at the track from the IMSA Support Paddock.

The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge US and Canadian series will be support for thre Formula 1 Montreal Grand Prix. You can download a combined guide featuring the US and Canadian series HERE.

(The American GT3 Cup Challenge guide is available individually, here).

Thanks to IMSA for partnering with the guide If you get a few seconds, please thank IMSA on Twitter. Without their support, there would be no guide.

NOTE: Please fill free to share the guide on Social Media, but PLEASE LINK TO THIS PAGE and not the guide (as file names change with updates) so your friends and fans can download the latest version of the guide! I can also track data easier which in turn helps my quest for sponsorship

The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada Spotter Guide is produced by Andy Blackmore Design with assistance from IMSA and Porsche Motorsport North America.